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Entry #2

Wanna make a RE4 cartoon with me? :)

2007-09-07 22:43:24 by Sweener


I have an idea.

Actually I have many ideas, BUT

I have started compiling a storyboard for a possible Resident Evil 4 parody for a while, when I realized that I don't have any flash skills whatsoever, so unfortunately for me I couldn't create the cartoon that I wanted. Lucky I have access to a site with a lot of really good animators who could potentially help me with my cartoon...

Eh, EH?? :))))

If you are a baller animator, and you think this'll be a wonderful creative endeavor, then send me a private message or something. I might email the storyboard to you somehow, or if I can't really do that, then I'll post them in the art forums and see what happens.


Awesome. 8)


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